• Two Sneaky Tricks To Confuse Your Body So It Burns Fat Twice As Fast

    burn fat fast

    If you're like most people using some random diet and workout program you found either in a magazine or online, you're likely seeing some results from your efforts, but not quite the degree of results you had imagined you would.

    When you first started up on your weight loss program, you expected to make a dramatic transformation. You were ready to put in the good effort and give it your all. But yet, despite doing so, you haven't seen the results to show for it (you don't count 2 pounds every 3 weeks as fantastic results).

    If you're in the situation, like most people, you've begun to question whether there just isn't something else that you could be doing - something better - that would get you the results you're after.

    Well, I'm here to tell you there is. When you know the top secrets that only the highest level trainers understand that really ramp up the fat burning process, then you can apply them to your own program and see the success you deserve.

    Let's go over two of these secrets right now to get you on the right track. Both of these are going to totally shock your body and trick it so that it burns more calories on a daily basis. Remember, your basic metabolic rate, that is how many calories you burn at rest, accounts for the largest portion of your total calorie burn so any time you can do something to increase this, you'll be taking a large leap forward in the right direction.

    Both of these strategies do just that.

    1. Stagger Your Calorie Intake

    The first secret that you must know for successful fat loss is that you should never ever stay at the same calorie intake for weeks at a time. When you do this, your body is just going to adjust to this calorie intake and slow its metabolism right down to meet it.

    Before long, you've stopped losing body fat and are caught in a nasty plateau.

    To help overcome this, start staggering your calorie intake. Some days aim to take in a higher calorie intake and other days, bring it down much lower. By doing this you'll keep your metabolism revved at all times so that you burn more calories 24/7.

    As a result, you'll have that much better overall rates of fat loss plus you won't deal with those feelings of hunger for days at a time like you used to.

    2. Reverse Your Exercise Order

    Like many others, you probably go into the gym and perform the same workout over and over and over again. You have your favorite exercises that really get you feeling it that you do in sequential order from start to finish.

    And, you feel like you've gotten in a good workout once you're done. But now, let me tell you about one way that you can chance that from good to great.

    The fact of the matter is that the body will always respond best to the unknown. Any time you go changing something about your workout program, it sits up and responds as it's something that it's never encountered before.

    As it does this, it's going to burn more calories not only during the workout session itself, but then later on recovering from that new workout stimulus that it just had to fight through.

    One very quick and easy way to do this is to simply reverse the order of exercises you perform. If you're already doing high intensity circuits as a means to burn fat, try doing the exercises you normally do in opposite order.

    This is really going to wake up your system and not only boost your fitness but enhance your fat loss as well.

    So there you have two fast and easy fat burning secrets that you can implement into your workout program immediately to get better results. To learn more highly effective techniques to jump start your progress, be sure to check the fitness portion of the website that your followed.